Residential Alarms & Home Automation Systems in Greater Houston

Home Automation Systems in Houston

When it comes to home security, home automation systems are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners and families alike, for the convenience and security that they provide. Home automation systems give you the ability to customize, view and control different appliances in your home, remotely from your smart phone or tablet device.

Home automation systems are unlike any other security systems around as they allow you to control your property's lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, appliances, and security all from the palm of your hand.

At Fortress Shield Security, we can help you find the home automation system that accommodates both your budget and needs, to provide the safety that your family deserves.

Home Automation Systems Controls

Home automation systems can control many different aspects of your home. Some of these controls include:

  • Home Security
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Lighting
  • Locks
  • Thermostat
  • Garage Door
  • Door Bell
  • Water Valves
  • Appliances

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The settings are completely customizable to provide the experience that you're looking for. If you want the ability to see just who is ringing your doorbell without having to get out of bed, just check it out on your smartphone. A camera system will show you just who's at the door so you can decide whether or not you want to answer it. Or perhaps you want to instantly dim all the lights in your home for movie night, you can actually go in and create the experience to power off and dim the lights that you choose, set the thermostat, and anything else you want to change to create the perfect setting for a movie night. Once you save your settings, you can instantly have your move night experience whenever you want, with just one tap from your smartphone.

If that isn't enough, you will also get instant notifications via email or push notifications through your phone, to alert you of an activated motion sensor, doors, windows, water leaks, smoke sensors and more!

Even through unexpected situations like power outages and severe weather, your home security system will still work thanks to its reliable backup battery power. Security and Home Automation products not only keep you safe, but they also help you manage energy consumption, lighting, and provide entertainment.

To learn more about our home automation security systems, contact Fortress Shield Security or call us at 713-774-4400. We provide short-term options as well as long-term so you do not have to be tied down to a specific contract.