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At Fortress Shield Security, we know just how important security systems are in keeping your property and the people inside safe at all times, especially if you are on vacation or away. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority and we work hard to protect the property and the people that you love, which is exactly why we offer the most innovative and advanced security systems in the industry, that will keep you safe at all times. Our advanced security systems are not only reliable, but they are also very affordable.

Whether you want an extra set of eyes on your property while you are away, or you simply want back-up protection, we have the perfect security system to meet your needs.

Fortress Shield Security Systems Provide:

  • Security system triggered alerts & events
  • Ability to create automatic light schedules
  • Automate lights to turn off when the system is armed or door is closed
  • Make sure the doors are locked even when far from home
  • Open or close garage doors remotely or when the system is armed
  • Incorporate access code options to monitor entry into the home

At Fortress Shield Security, we make it very easy for our customers to invest in a security system. We provide long and short-term options and we also offer the convenience of not having to be tied down to a specific contract. We have comprehensive and advanced solutions for all your security system needs that are both reliable and affordable.

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