Home Security in Greater Houston

Home Security System in Houston

When it comes to home security, the most important thing is protecting your home and your family. This means installing a home security system that can watch over those you love. You can sleep easy whether you are home or not, knowing that you have additional protection to keep your home safe.

Fortress Shield Security Offers:

  • Receive security system triggered alerts & events
  • Create automatic light schedules
  • Automate lights to turn off when the system is armed or door is closed
  • Make sure the doors are locked even when far from home
  • Open or close garage doors remotely or when the system is armed
  • Incorporate access code options to monitor entry into the home

Why Residential Security Is Important

Investing in the right kind of home security system to keep an eye on your home is absolutely necessary in today’s world. The risk of a break in rises exponentially if a home is not properly secured, and monitored against burglaries. It can provide additional benefits as well besides your standard locks and safety measures. An alarm system will alert you, your neighbors, and the police (if you go with a monitored system) that a burglar has either entered or is trying to enter your home.

At Fortress Shield Security, we make it very easy for our homeowners to invest in a security system. We provide short-term options as well as

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long- term so you do not have to be tied down to a specific contract. We also offer the most complete solution for your home security system needs. We offer the latest in advanced security that is affordable and reliable.

Let us protect you and your home. Contact Fortress Shield Security or call 713-774-4400 and speak to a home security specialist to protect your home.