Home Automation Thermostat Controls

Home Automation Thermostat Controls

Home automation systems offer you the ability to control appliances and systems in your home remotely. One of our most popular features is the thermostat controls, which allows you to remotely set, schedule, automate or adjust your home's indoor temperature from an app on your smart phone or tablet device.

Temperature control has many benefits and when its connected to your home automation system, you gain even more control over your property, as well as your energy savings.

Temperature Control Features

  • Set your ideal temperature from anywhere, through the app on your smart device.
  • Auto-schedule thermostat settings while you're away to adjust the temperature to lower energy costs.
  • Create emergency automation that will shut off your thermostat and slow down smoke circulation.
  • Automatic adjustments based on your everyday temperatures.

If you want the ability to control your temperature from a remote location, through one convenient app, a home automation system thermostat is just what you need. With this advanced system, you will also be able to adjust the lighting, door locks, door bells, water valve controls and so much more! The installation process is quick and painless, so contact us today at 713-774-4400 for a free in-home consultation.

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